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Progeny Psychiatric Telehealth


Progeny Psychiatric Clinic began providing telepsychiatry services across a diverse range of settings in 2015.  The core tenets of our service are availability and consistency.


Telepsychiatry and teletherapy offer proven, innovative, and convenient care to populations who might otherwise receive a scarcity of services or struggle to access care due to mobility challenges. 

Services provided: medication management or counseling (therapy)


The growth of video calling services makes it even easier to secure high-quality access to specialist expertise at the patient’s choice of location.

***Televisit appointments must be agreed upon by your provider. Some insurances do not cover telepsychiatry; please contact us for more information. 

Receive great care in the comfort of your own home

talking on phones

Call Us to  Schedule 


You Will Need:

  • Full Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Mailing Address

  • Best Call Back Number

  • Insurance Name + ID

  • *Card is required on file for copays*

Form on Clipboard

Complete Your New Patient Packet

Online or In Person

  • You can complete your packet online by completing the following form: CLICK HERE

  • OR you can complete your packet by visiting any of our locations

  • *Required by the morning of your appointment - failure to complete may result in the appointment being rescheduled.*


Getting Ready For Your Visit

(Phone or


Visit Preparation

  • Review the "Preparing For Your Appointment" section below

  • Visits will be done via phone or via a HIPAA-compliant video platform

ANY QUESTIONS? Contact us, we can help!

Working from Home

Meet Your Trusted Provider

Appointment Date

  • Be ready for your visit!

    • PHONE: Your provider will call you.

    • VIDEO: Log into the assigned platform or wait for text message/ email with video link.

Preparing For Your Appointment

For Phone Appointments


If you recently changed your phone number, please update your number on file with us.


Make sure you do not have unknown numbers blocked and have good signal.


Make sure you are in a private location and are free from distractions. 


Your provider will call you at the time of your appointment.


Providers will attempt to call twice before marking the appointment as a no show.

For Video Appointments


M​ake sure you are in a private location and are free from distractions.


Make sure you have strong internet signal.


Check your device (laptop, desktop, tablet, phone) for:





Locate your provider's video platform link: 


You can find your provider's name in your appointment reminder. 

*You can disregard the links if you and your provider have agreed to use a different platform. 


Login into the platform at your appointment time.

(Recommended to login 5-10 minutes before to make sure you are able to get in) 

Your provider will begin the video call for your visit.

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