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Already approved by our clinic for your rotation?
Please complete the form below. 

Please call our front desk at Irvine with any questions (949) 722-7118.

You will need the following items to complete this form:

  • Your approved preceptor's information

  • Copy of your school's contract with our practice

  • Copy of your malpractice insurance (PPC listed as additionally insured)

  • Copy of your picture ID 

  • Copy of background check (completed by your school)

  • Signed PDFs below (download & complete)

Interested in completing your clinical hours at one of our locations?

Student on Mobile Phone

Please send your resume along with the following information to: 

  • Full Name 

  • What type of program are you in?

  • What school are you attending?

  • What kind of preceptorship do you require? (therapy/medication management)

  • When do you need to begin?

  • Length of program

  • Availability 

  • Best contact information (email + phone)

All preceptorships are based on individual clinician's availability and approval.

*Not guaranteed*

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