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Dr. Farhad Nikoo, DNP

Dr. Farhad Nikoo is dual board certified as a Psychiatric and Mental Health and Family nurse practitioner. He received his Doctorate of Nursing Practice and post doctorate degree in Psychiatric and Mental Health from Brandman University, part of Chapman University. He also graduated from University of Detroit Mercy as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Dr. Nikoo has a long history of working in different areas of health care including, emergency medicine, intensive care unit, family practice, psychiatric and mental health care. He has experience working with inpatient and outpatient psychiatric patients. He has worked as a psychiatric consultant at Mission Hospital, Laguna Beach and formerly worked for UCI medical center.

Dr. Nikoo uses a holistic approach in treatment of psychiatric disorders considering physical and mental health problems. He considers past medical and psychiatric histories, genetics, treatment failures and believes in judicial use of medication in combination with psychotherapy.

He recommends regular exercise, healthy diet, proper sleep, avoiding alcohol and drugs. He has a reputation for compassionate, thoughtful and insightful care.

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