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Frequently Asked Questions


For medical emergencies or active suicidal ideations:  

please call 911, or go to the nearest  emergency room.

If your question is not answered here: please call us at (949) 722-7118 or

visit one of our offices to speak with our staff.

What insurances do you accept? Do you accept cash patients?

What is required upon arrival for a new patient?

What is your cancellation policy?

Can I make a same day appointment?


What if I need an urgent refill?

How does my provider contact me for my telehealth appointment?

How do I schedule a follow up appointment via telehealth?

How do I pay my copay for a telehealth appointment?

How do I request my medical records or authorize the release of my PHI?

How will I know when my medication has been approved by my insurance?

How do I request a letter/form from my provider?

Do you provide neuropsychiatric testing for ADHD?

Does your clinic offer interpreter services?

Do you prescribe Suboxone?​

What is the process for Spravato?

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